Novellus Dea is now on VIRo Playspace

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Novellus Dea has launched on VIRo Playspace! Join her for a nice meal and skip straight to dessert.

This ViRo Dream experience takes you on a journey at Dea’s home. Enjoy as she teases, smiles, and steals your heart. Interact with Dea as you press her up against the glass for all to see while grabbing her by the hips. Will you pull her fast or take her nice and slow? It’s your call.

Just be careful not to excite her too much or she won’t be able to hold her secret in check.

This dream experience features oral sex, sex from behind, and being pinned down while ridden by a goddess.

This dream is great with or without VR. It’s also amazing on Steam Deck with full Gyro, Haptics, and Touchscreen interactions.

You can find her Steam listing right here: