Emy’s Live Show is coming to ViRo Playspace on April 15th

Get ready for our newest ViRo Dream which will be released to the public on April 15th! It stars everyone’s favorite vampire lewd tube babe, Emy! She’s gorgeous, dominant, playful, and above all, absolutely sexy.

Emy is a vampire girl from Siberia. She is the dead daughter of an infamous mad scientist who secretly returned her to life via experimental tech. It worked! …but now she needs to consume blood to survive and live alone in the darkness, away from sunlight. She likes video games, raves, and lewd kinky orgies to thrive and feel alive. She’s fun, a little hysterical, loves swearing in her mother tongue, and can be both dominant and submissive depending on her mood. Everything is a game for her and she lives without consequences.

With ashy pink eyes and a slavic accent, this Hentai Lewd Tuber loves kinks, games, anime and dancing. She loves being naughty and (maybe more than just ~sometimes~) biting!

She is so immortally cool that she even has her own musical team behind her, whose talents are featured in this exclusive Dream: https://moqumentary.bandcamp.com/ If you aren’t already a supporter, join us for early access and tons of other perks on Patreon! And you know we’ve got your back with tons of sexy content on Steam!

You can play with Emy at https://ViRo.Club/dream/emy

Kiss my boot!